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The “Instituto de Física Corpuscular” (IFIC) invites applications for the following doctoral fellowships, aimed at highly qualified graduates to undertake their doctoral studies within its research groups:
– Two fellowships to carry out a theoretical PhD thesis in the research line “Particle Phenomenology, the Standard Model and Beyond” – One fellowship to carry out an experimental PhD thesis in physics related to the activities in the LHC experiments in which IFIC is involved: ATLAS, LHCb and MOEDAL
These positions are funded by the “la Caixa” Foundation under the Severo Ochoa Program for Scientific Excellence, a distinction awarded to IFIC.
Candidates should have an excellent academic track record, and are expected to hold an academic degree that grants access to a Spanish PhD program by September/October 2016.
Successful candidates will be hired as “la Caixa” – Severo Ochoa Fellows for a period of four years starting September or October 2016. The gross salary will progressively increase from 18,546 € the first year to 22,558 € the fourth year. An annual additional budget of 1,500 € during the first two years and 1,700 € during the last two years will be available to cover PhD tuition fees, participation in international conferences, etc. The research group will also provide funds for visits to other research centres and participation in international events.
Applicants should provide curriculum vitae, details about their academic/research background and arrange to have two letters of reference. Applications should be sent electronically through AcademicJobsOnline at: (experimental fellowship) (theoretical fellowships)
The deadline for applications for scholarships is March 31st, 2016.
Further information about the members of the institute and their research interests can be obtained through our website

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