Our STV candidate Niko Katzlberger


I’m Niko, in my 6th semester studying physics and in my 2nd semester studying geology – for the Indiana Jones lifestyle.
To a certain extent, this also describes my life outside of my studies, because when I have the time, I like to go out into nature, explore new places and get to know new people and exciting stories.
I also like to make a lot of music or face my fear of heights by climbing.

The reason why I’m active in the RV and running for the ÖH election is mainly the feeling that I’ve been using the university as a mere service for too long and I’d like to help shape things on behalf of the students – also because I think they’ve been very neglected by the university in recent years, so we have to help ourselves.
Especially in physics, I also just think the community is very cool and cool things need to be maintained, so I would like to continue to be involved in that.
This includes, for example, the LateX course, Erstitute, celebrations and parties, maintenance of the facilities in the Studicenter and generally being an open ear for students..

In order to be able to continue this in general (also as a group), it would be important for you to vote on one of the days from 9-11 May – and of course I would be happy about your vote!

Finally, a few words that always are on my mind (*wink*):
“Physics answers the question, ‘What is the nature of the universe?’ Geology answers the question, ‘What’d I just trip over?'”
– Sheldon Cooper

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