Our Stv candidate Laszlo Jiresch

Hey :),

I’m Laszlo and the world is too bright for me, which is why I always have sunglasses with me. I have been studying physics in Vienna for almost four years now. In my free time I like to move around (especially outside) and go to the cinema to watch curious films. If there’s one object I can’t live without, it’s my bike. Because no matter where I go, I’m always on two wheels.

What’s the point of the whole show, you might ask? At the next ÖH elections from 9 to 11 May, you can vote for me as a student representative. I’ll be on the ballot as an individual, but I’m also part of the “Roter Vektor” (RV) group. So I am there only as a fragment of a larger group that will represent you, a group that you can also join.

The only question that remains is what my motivation is. My personal goal is to make studying a bit more pleasant for every student. I have already started doing that. For example, I have already been a tutor in Erstituts, helped with a LaTeX course and am a member of the organizing team for the next Erstituts seminar.

Now that I’ve said that much, I’ll leave the closing words to someone else. “The most dangerous worldview is the worldview of people who have not looked at the world” -Alexander von Humboldt

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