Have you heard of Astrobites?

Hello physics and astronomy undergraduates,

Q: What do stupendously large black holes, the KBOs that point to Planet Nine, deep learning for turbulence, and volcanoes on Mars all have in common?

A: They were some of the most popular topics we covered last year on Astrobites, a website run by graduate students from all over the world dedicated to making the latest research in astronomy more accessible to undergraduates like you.

We write posts — called “astrobites”— featuring
(1) daily summaries of research papers recently posted to astro-ph;

(2) career advice, such as tips for making posters;

(3) personal experiences, including our own trips to observe at telescopes;

(4) equity and inclusion efforts, in particular the #BlackInAstro series;

…and much more!

Our goal is to bridge the somewhat daunting gap many undergraduates face when beginning research and attempting to read journal publications for the first time, so that anyone can be better prepared for conducting research.

Check out our website at astrobites.org, and our podcast astrosoundbites.com!

We also have sister sites in Spanish (https://astrobitos.org/), Portuguese (https://astropontos.org/), and Persian (http://staryab.com/).

Plus, follow us on Twitter @astrobites!

Not interested in astronomy? Check out the other “bite sites” that cover condensed matter, particle physics, quantum information, physics education research, and many other sciences.

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