nawi server

As you may know, we have set up a great little server that offers various services for you.

Access to Nawi services

You can get access either via a general student account, whose access data ( which changes every semester ) you can simply get via a


All you need is a currently valid matriculation number from the University of Vienna.

The Vector Mail (Vektorpost)

Our old monthly newsletter.
Here you would receive announcements, reports and news to keep you up to date on what is happening in your studies and at the faculty and university and what relevant dates and events are coming up.

If you want to share information or dates with your fellow students, you can either visit us at the Plenum , drop by the Jornaldienst or send us an email.

This has been replaced with the “Distribution”

Pydio, aka


Is our collectively managed data repository for collecting study-related materials or info material ( scripts, (partially solved) exercise examples, old questions ).

The whole project lives from the fact that students (aka “you”)
Upload interesting and useful things you come across to the “Upload” repository – comfortably, anonymously and from home.

If you are interested in setting up a folder on your PC that is synchronised with our Pydio, you can do this with PydioSync.

In addition, there are some files whose copyright owners do not want their data to be generally accessible. To view these, please contact the journal service.

DIY lecture streams


We have started a project to create and collect DIY lecture streams. You can also find streams of various lectures and information events that we have attended or held here.

We are happy to provide you with the equipment to film lectures if they are not already in use. You can find an overview at DIY-VO Streams

By the way, we have automated the rendering and uploading of the recorded videos – all you have to do after recording is upload the files from the cameras to a folder! ­čÖé

So – if you feel like recording lectures or sharing various self-made information and tutoring videos with fellow students and future generations, get in touch and send them to us!

Limesurvey – Surveys & Results


Every now and then we conduct surveys on current topics.

If you want to organise a survey yourself and don’t want to be tortured by the limited functions of various free online offers or even pay for them – get in touch!

The range of functions is relatively large[link], and not only interesting for surveys for theses.

Email distribution list


You have set up a project/ want to set up a project? We have email distribution lists on offer.

Do you have any suggestions, wishes or complaints? Would you like to contribute something?
If so, you are cordially invited to the plenum !

We are looking forward to meeting motivated people who want to get involved. ­čśÇ

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