SCIENCE4PEOPLE: Croundfunding Kampagne

Sunshine4Palestine [1], eine Organisation die ihr vielleicht noch vom letzten Fest kennt und die auch von einigen Wissenschaftler_Innen von unserer Fakultät getragen wird
( einige der Gesichter auf der Webpage werden euch sicher bekannt vorkommen ) veranstaltet zusammen mit Studierenden desApplied Science College der Al-Aqsa University in Gaza [2] eine Crowdfunding-Kampagne für ein popularisierungsprojekt für Wissenschaft im Gaza-Streifen.

Ein wirklich unterstützenswertes Projekt – seht euch die Website an!

What is it about?

“A team of Sunshine4Palestine scientists, in collaboration with students from the Applied Science College of the Al-Aqsa University in Gaza will give rise to the first scientific divulgation project in the Gaza Strip.

The Palestinian University students will – together with the Sunshine4Palestine team – set up a series of simple experiments that can be performed with easy to find material, on the themes of energy and water.

School kids – aged from 6 to 18 – will then be guided trough the various experiments becoming themselves the young scientists that will be performing and explaining science to a broader public. Kids living in complex conditions, often without access to electricity and water, will be exposed to science trough a ludic approach, and they will learn how to manufacture a small battery with scrap material, how to build their own little lamp, how science can be a path to undertake to solve every day problems.

The team of university students involved into this first project, will be formed as divulgators, and will, as a follow up, keep performing divulgation events in schools in the Gaza Strip.

The full project will last four days during which kids will be guided through science by playing with it. Many small experiments will be conducted, and some groups will work on a few projects that will remain becoming the first pieces of what will become the first Science Museum in Gaza.”




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