Die NGO Sunshine4Palestine ist darum bemüht der Bevölkerung  mittels moderner Technologien nachhaltig Ressourcen in Form von Energie und Wasser zur Verfügung zu stellen. Science4People ist ein Projekt, dessen Ziel es ist in Zusammenarbeit mit Universitäten diese know how an die jüngere Generation weiterzugeben. Das ist ein wirklich tolles und spannendes Thema, ließt euch dazu gerne hier mehr durch:

Science4People is a scientific divulgation project that Sunshine4Palestine NGO performed at the University of Bethlehem. In the dates 5th to 9th of February, we held a 5 days workshop at the science department  of the University of Bethlehem during which we formed a group of 18 – 2nd and 3rd years students  into scientific divulgators.

We did one day of scientific workshops on latest developments in soft matter.
The second day  an interactive course on scientific communication aimed at teaching the students on how to scale the message to a given target.
The third day a rich series of physics experiments was performed together with the university students. Experiments were designed so that they can be realised with everyday materials and divided in two sets: one for kids 6-12 and on for kids 12-17
The fourth day the University of Bethlehem opened its spaces to 5 different schools and the University Students performed a series of experiments that they explained to the school kids.
The program was incredibly successful: the students from the University of Bethlehem performed brilliantly, the school kids were enthusiastic and schools asked if it would be possible to repeat such an event in every school in Bethlehem, both public and private schools. We set up an agreement with the University of Bethlehem and opened a Science4People section. The students belonging to the section will start with their first project in the school before May, as the end of May signs the end of the academic year.
The municipality of Bethlehem supports the program and suggested to open the peace centre – one of the main aggregation centres in the centre of Bethlehem – to present the project, once a year, to the whole city.
Our NGO is also starting research lines in the sustainable development direction together with other local research NGO, with an European academic network, and we would foresee the Science4People branch as a point where to start different projects involving students, academia and local population.

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