Who we are

We are the “Roter Vektor” (red vector) Physics. The Roter Vektor Physics is a grassroots group (a grassroots group is a colourful mixture of (uni-)politically interested people who act in a grassroots democratic way -> https://physik.nawi.at/index.php/wir/grundsatze-immer-in-arbeit-neu/) and currently represents the physics student council, which is elected every two years by all students of the faculty in the course of the ÖH election, which means that we are your legal contact persons and represent you unipolitically.

If you are interested in more information, you can visit us in the StV Kammerl(https://physik.nawi.at/index.php/kontakt/)– there is usually someone there during the Journaldienst – or come to a plenum(https://physik.nawi.at/index.php/wir/plenum/).


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