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You just don’t have the time to read through all those boring emails from your Stv on your mobile phone/laptop/iPad/whatever, but you still want to be well informed about what’s going on at the faculty and in physics? We have just the thing for you: Since March there is a newspaper! Under the name “Distribution”, since March you can take our newspaper with you from the Studicenter and read it wherever you have time and feel like it: on the way home in the Bim / between the two exercise groups, which ideally have just enough of a break in between that it’s not worth going home, but still so much that just sitting around gets boring / during a boring lecture … (­čĄź).

Here are a few fixed topics that we try to print in every issue:

We try to include a very full diary for the next month. There are, for example, festivals, colloquia, demonstrations, but also other things that we find fun and that the editorial team thinks might interest a few people.

A few summaries of interesting papers that the editorial team has stumbled across or that are relevant at the moment. We try to find the sweet spot between being interesting enough for people who are already familiar with the subject and still explaining it enough for everyone in the faculty to understand.

We also try to print guest articles by faculty staff or other interesting people, so that people also get to hear about moving topics outside the curriculum.

Most importantly, there are also letters to the editor! So we rely on you to let us know what you think: What did you particularly like in the last issue or last month? Where do you see problems that you think are not talked about enough at the faculty? What did your cat do yesterday? You can send us all this via email/telegram/discord/etc., and we will then choose the most interesting ones in the (open) editorial round and publish them in the next issue!

To add a bit of colour and fun, the rest of the newspaper will be filled with all sorts of things: the best resources for studying, a few puzzles, horoscopes, jokes, whatever seems appropriate.

Have we piqued your interest? Get your copy here on the website or in the Studicenter. If you want more newspaper: Our newspaper is just as grassroots as the Red Vector itself, so you’re always welcome to get involved, and we’re always happy to see new faces on the newspaper plenary!

You can sign up for an email distribution list to get the latest issue in your mailbox here

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