Student Software

In the course of your studies, you will sooner or later come across various software that can make your life much easier once you have familiarised yourself with it

Here is a selection of software. Acadcloud is the software offered by the University of Vienna for students. There you can get Windows and MS Office for free. Many other programmes are also available at reduced prices.

Algebra programmes

  • Mathematica ( licence fees! ) → acadcloud
  • Maxima ( open source )
  • Matlab ( licence fees! ) → acadcloud
  • Scilab ( open source, matlbab-clone )

Data analysis/ evaluation software

Text typesetting software (for protocols and scientific papers)

  • Mostly “Overleaf” is used for writing papers and protocols. You can either create an account or log in with the u:access login data. On overleaf you can edit LaTeX documents in the cloud and also write synchronously in a team. The free version is very comprehensive and is sufficient for everything you need for your studies.
  • You can also installLatex locally on your computer. This way you don’t have to rely on a company and an internet connection to be able to write LaTeX.
  • Lyx, a typesetting programme that uses Latex

Error calculation

  • py_error- a fine error calculator with graphical interface by our fellow student “mr-georgebaker”. [documentation]
  • also often used for this are Mathematica or simply various websites.

Programming / Code

For the programming courses, a local Python installation is actually sufficient. However, many students want something more graphical than a terminal

You can get a GitHub Edu account (i.e. a free pro version including GitHub Copilot) for free with your university mail
This also gives you free access to the JetBrains suite. So you can download PyCharm Pro for free

VSCode is also used sometimes

Online Office

  • → has all Office functions directly in the browser. Comparable to Google or MS Office, but better in terms of privacy.

Open office software

  • LibreOffice
  • Openoffice
  • Abiword

We would also like to ask you to switch to Linux, donate all your money to the poor and environmental protection and work for peace, joy and human rights!

not necessarily in order

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